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What is Schema Markup and Why Does It Matter?

A Schema is a fundamental part of a website used in SEO Strategy; once it is added to a webpage, it creates an enriched description known as “Rich snippet,” which often appears on a search result. Schema can increase click-thru rates and enhance the visibility of organic search results on a website.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema forms microdata that creates and increased snippet (a detailed and in-depth description) of a website page.

Top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing invented this technology to create a consistent and single data language usable by different search engines.

It allows search engines to add context on a webpage to assign content to different search queries with more accuracy and precision. They are also known as markup codes added to a webpage to help search engines return relevant and informative results.

Why Does Schema Matter?

Schema is designed to provide search engines with more information and meaning of data. When a search engine creeps on a website, the entire content automatically gets indexed and responds as relevant results.

Google wants its users to have the best experience; to this end, they depend on motives to provide users with the right results or something pretty similar to what they are searching for.

The technology classifies users to know if they are out to buy or need information about a particular product or service and instructs search engines about a website and its features; this information is then used to determine the overall ranking of a website in response to a search results.

What Is Schema Used For?

Snippets and schemas were primarily introduced to enrich users’ experiences. Once this technology is effectively used on your website, it will enhance visibility, drive traffic, increase the click-thru rate, and ultimately boost conversion.

This feature is used to organize data for recipes, events, retailers, businesses, organizations, restaurants, review sites, theaters, and more.

Taking advantage of this technology can serve as a distinctive edge over your competitors who, for some reason, ignore the need to structure their website for better results.

How Can I Add Schema to Website Pages?

The fact is, all the data present on a website can be associated with a schema; the best part is, there are several ways you can make the most from your SEO by adding Schema on your website. Below are some of the steps required:


This involves the use of additional attributes on each HTML element found on your webpage. It is known as a manual markup; it is time-consuming but gives off the best rewards.


This is one of the best formats used to implement Schema on a web page. You can add this to the website’s HTML code or directly embed it on the widget; this makes the process much easier and less time-consuming.


Resource Description Framework in Attributes is an extension of HTML5 applied to the footer and header of website content with the help of vocabulary. This is done manually, but it is less time-consuming compared to microdata.

You don’t have to markup all the properties on your page; the more you apply Schema to your content, the more precise and accurate search engines interpret and propose the content on your website.

How Schema Impacts Your SEO?

Adding Schema to HTML increase the response speed of a website and the way it appears on search results. It improves the overall performance of the content on your website; it drives more traffic and increases the click-through rate.

It serves as a strong user signal and provides search engines with additional information about your website.

Improves Local SEO
Schema increases the overall ranking of your website on Bing Places and Google My Business. It serves as an effective tool to help manage your information and how it appears on search engines.

User First
Over the years, search engines have gone through various modifications, all geared to enrich the users’ experience.

The truth is, the easier it is for a prospect to navigate through your website, the more interactive and adventurous they become.

The upside here is, you can make a website more appealing and easy to navigate using features like carousels and snippets.

These features will help users navigate easily to a product or information; and, as a result, increases dwell time, click-thru, and promotes the overall ranking.

Avoid Spam
User intent is yet another significant factor to consider when using Schema on your web page. One of the effective ways to go about this is to ensure each page is markup accurately.

Using the proper markup for the wrong web page will flag your website as spammy and lead to a decline in ranking.

Increase your Ranking with Schema

Using rich snippets and the proper schema markup can be a perfect idea that gives off explosive results. Yet, only but 30% of businesses add Schema to their website. The question is, why?

The hypothetical conclusion from our SEO team is as follows: First, it requires resources and time, and these are some of the missing factors in most small businesses.

Secondly, a significant number of businesses don’t know the impact of this technology and how it can dramatically boost their online presence. You can leverage these lapses from your competitors and take advantage of this technology to make a difference in your online presence.

Take the Easy Route

To make them with schema markup or build an SEO Strategy that suits your business, don’t hesitate to contact our experts in Fish Tank.

We profile all our clients with a cost-effective and edge-cutting solution irrespective of their business or organization size.

Our experts are more than willing to use the right Schema to get your dispensary seen and boost your ranking. Feel free to get in touch for a free quote.